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Agreement with SMART Research to enhance INTERPOL forensic support to law enforcement
NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands — INTERPOL and SMART Research have signed a contract for the provision of the "Bonaparte" software and related services to the world police body.The software will enable INTERPOL to expand its ability to assist member countries in identifying missing persons, victims of disasters and other complex identifications using this techn … read more (INTERPOL website)

In a nutshell

Bonaparte is a complete solution for all types of forensic statistical computations based on DNA; it computes likelihood ratio's for both direct and indirect comparisons. Indirect comparisons require DNA reference material from one or more relatives, and a pedigree. Pedigrees can be of arbitrary structure. … read more

Bonaparte is web based, and therefore highly scalable. It also has its own (rewindable) database, Automatic match engine, automated profile destruction, and advanced access and matching rights management. Bonaparte can easily be integrated into existing systems, for example exisiting authentication systems or other databases such as CODIS. … read more

Is your country prepared for a prompt and reliable identification of victims after a mass disaster?

In the case of a mass disaster many important issues have to be addressed. An airplane crash, a tsunami or terrorist attack puts public directors and law enforcement into the spotlight where they have to restore public order and ensure public safety, investigate the causes and if applicable punish the perpetrators. … read more

Familial Search: Solving a 13 year old cold case


In the night from April 30 (Queen's Day) - May 1st 1999, the then 16 year old Marianne Vaatstra was raped and murdered while she was traveling home by bicycle after a night out in Kollum. The crime was commited near Zwaagwesteinde, a small community in the rural north-east of the Netherlands. Investigation of the crime scene led to the discovery … read more

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