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Server Hardware

The hardware specifications for Bonaparte largely depends on the scale of the identifications it needs to perform; the larger the number of victims, the more memory it needs (about 2.5 GB per million profiles). Likewise the more matches it needs to compute, the longer it takes (in which case you probably want a faster CPU or multiple cores). Because Bonaparte is developed in Java it can run on any system that supports Java (Enterprise Edition). This means that you can run Bonaparte on anything ranging from a Pentium 4 to the latest server grade CPU′s. It just takes longer on slower hardware.

In order to provide you with an idea of what is necessary to run Bonaparte DVI with acceptable speeds, in the table below we list the hardware specifications for a system capable of handling thousands of victims.

CPU 6 core Intel Xeon X5600 series
Disk space 2 x 500GB RAID
Network connection 100Mb/s
Obviously disk size and RAM size depend on the size of the database in use and if the database is running on the same machine as the computational core. In general the core uses about 2.5GB of RAM per million profiles.

Bonaparte can run on any operating system as long as it supports Java. This means it can run on Unix, Linux and Windows. Our systems ususally run the 64 bit variants of FreeBSD Unix or Ubuntu Linux. In addition to the operating system, some other software is required. The table below shows a list of the mandatory software parts.

Operating System FreeBSD/Ubuntu 64 bit
Java 1.6, latest revision
Apache Tomcat 7, latest revision
MySQL 5.0 latest revision

Some administrative software (such as SSH, phpMyAdmin, a MySQL client) may be convenient during installation or maintenance.

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